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Children and Expansion



The summer term brought yet another workshop to Ivydale as children from Key Stage One contributed their ideas to the design of the ventilation panels. The workshop was run by our architects Hawkins/Brown and the children's creativity was inspired by their imagination of what it would be like to be a fox on a forest floor. Come back and see how their work influenced the final design.



Earlier in the year the winners of our spring 'Stay Safe Near Building Sites' competition not only collected some amazing prizes but their art work has been enlarged and is proudly displayed on the hoardings on Inverton Road. Thank you to all entrants and School Council for all their help in running the competition (below). Be sure to have a look if you are passing and in the 'What's Happening on Site' pages if you are not! no





In the archives...



This isn't the first time Ivydale children have been involved in our expansion project. In 2015 activities included architect led workshops to discuss thoughts about the school garden with ideas taken on board by the landscape design team. We also hosted Science Week workshops looking at the construction and waterproofing of a building with every child in the school getting involved. As if that wasn't enough, a competition to build a model school took place in the autumn term of 2014 with the chance to win a truly fabulous prize sponsored by our architects - very well done Charlie in Sapphire class and Dusty in Jet and thank you Hawkins/Brown! 






Children and Expansion