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It’s time for the children of Ivydale to get their dancing shoes on again as ILOF have arranged another fun afternoon of school discos. They will be taking place in the new Inverton Hall after school on Friday 2 February.  The fabulous Little Disco Company will be providing the entertainment.


The discos will be divided by year groups into 3 separate sessions:


EYFS:  3.45pm - 4.30pm (parents are allowed to accompany Early Years children but no more than one parent/carer per child and no siblings.)

Y1 - 3:  4.45pm to 5.45pm (no parents/siblings)

Y4 - 6:  6pm - 7pm (no parents/siblings)


How can I buy a ticket?

Tickets cost £2.50 per child and will be on sale outside the main office at Bellwood (for EYFS and Yr1-3) and at the Inverton office (for Yr4-6) from Friday 19 January up until and including Friday 26th January, at usual drop off and pick up times. There will also be a number of tickets available to buy through the After School Club. Cash only please.

Please note there is a limited number of tickets per session. You must buy your child's ticket in advance (note, for parents accompanying Early Years children you need to purchase a ticket too). We will ensure the name of your child and year group is noted so we can check each child in and out of the event.  Please inform us of any name changes and if your child cannot attend on the day as we may have a waiting list.


On the day

Please arrive at the Inverton atrium no more than 10 minutes before your child's disco session to sign your child in.


Please be on time to collect your child. Collection will be from the Inverton atrium - your child’s name must be signed out upon departure.


After School Club children will be walked over and collected by staff.

Please inform Leigh if your child is in ASC that day and will be attending the disco.


There'll be a water table, chill-out room and this year we are introducing a tuck shop.

No other food or drinks to be brought in.

A number of parent and teacher volunteers will be attending to ensure children's safety. If you would like to volunteer, please contact


We hope all the children have fun! Memories are made of this!


If you have any further questions, please contact




About ILOF


Ivydale League of Friends 

For those of you who haven’t come across us yet, we’re a PTA charity run by a group of parents dedicated to fundraising for our school by bringing some fun events to the children and families of Ivydale School. You may have heard us referred to as Ivydale League of Friends or, as we’re more commonly known, ‘ILOF’.


What do we do? We’re here to make money for extra resources for the school, and promote a friendly and inclusive social community for children, parents, carers and teachers at Ivydale.


Where does the money go? The money raised from our events helps fund amongst other things school trips, play equipment, learning resources, sport, music, art and technology facilities and visits by performance groups, authors and workshops. The events also open up the school to the wider community, ensuring it's firmly rooted in the heart of the local area.

Get in touch ... To find out more, volunteer or join the team, please email:


Latest News


Disco Disco Disco Disco.  We're holding our annual School Disco on Friday 2nd February from 3:45pm at Inverton. This will be a ticketed event. More on how to purchase your tickets to follow shortly.  Want to volunteer and see your kids throw some shapes? - please get in touch at


Class Reps - Fancy being the link between ILOF, and teachers, and your children's class?  We're starting a recruitment drive.  More via parentmail soon but if you can't wait that long and are keen to get involved, email the team at




ILOF Events 2017/18


Christmas Event for everyone - Thursday 14th December @ 3.20 Bellwood EYFS Playground and Hall

School Discos for the kids – Friday 2nd February 2018, Inverton

Quiz Night for the grown ups – Thursday 8th March 2018, Inverton

Fun Run – provisionally Sunday 13th May (to be confirmed), Peckham Rye Park

Summer Fair for everyone – Sat 23rd June 2018, Inverton

The ILOF Committee


Co-Chairs - Sarah Woolhouse/Julia Gregory

Secretary - Laura Cannon

Treasurer - Mark Inglis

Events & General Team -

Katie Bailiff, Jasmin Nuttall, Emma Parsons, Gudrun Lawyer, Katrina Pitts, Marie-Pierre Avgeri, Emmanuelle Mitchell

Annual General Meeting

The ILOF committee meet in October to give a full round up of the last year’s events, an overview of the finances, as well as the spending plans for the future.

ILOF Newletters

Showcasing past and future events