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At Ivydale we believe that language and literacy is fundamental to the overall development of the child and their access to the curriculum in all its aspects. We aim to deliver quality teaching of basic and higher order reading, writing, and speaking and listening skills to enable children to become confident and successful in their literacy.
Books are a vital part of the school culture and each classroom has an exciting supply of fiction and reference books. In addition, access to our new spacious library, local library visits and mobile library allows the children to develop independent research skills and the ability to select their own favourite books. Famous authors and illustrators are invited each half term to work with children and staff so that their  engagement and excitement is extended. The children at Ivydale have all written and illustrated their own Picture Book, ‘Bob and his Magical Globe’ which was also staged as a theatre production at Bubble Theatre.
Children apply their developing skills in writing within an exciting and purposeful context in lessons. They learn to craft their writing for different purposes and for different audiences, and use their language knowledge across the whole curriculum. At the end of each term, children celebrate their writing achievements through Book Making and other publishing activities, and share their stories with children from other phases in the school.

The skills of effective speaking and listening are developed through drama, debate, discussion and performance so that the children may grow in confidence and become articulate young people. Class assemblies and whole-school productions in front of the whole school and family and friends, allow the children to practice their skills in front of an audience.