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As a community school, Ivydale has a governing body which has general responsibility for the conduct of the school.  The governing body consists of community governors, local authority nominated governors, parent governors and staff governors.  The full governing body (FGB) meets twice a term.  In addition, the governing body has a number of sub-committees, working groups and individual governors are also ‘linked’ to a specific aspect of school life.  The main subcommittees are: CFC (Children, Families and Community) - overseeing all of the non-teaching and learning aspects of school life;  Resources - overseeing the finances, staffing and resourcing;  Standards - overseeing the teaching a learning; CCAB (Children’s Centre Advisory Board) - overseeing the work of the Children’s Centre.

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Governors - Sept 2016

Annual Report - July 2016

Parent Questionnaire Feedback - July 2016