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Parent Forum Meeting May 2014 - Minutes

Parent Forum Meeting May 2014 - Minutes

Key points from Feedback session:

Playgrounds (Helen Ingham)

  1. Music block now open as are fire school gates into KS1 playground
  2. New play area for KS2 playground, which includes an under the grass safety surface, being installed over the summer.  Cost £20K of which ILOF has contributed £12k. [note: this was installed during the summer half-term, ahead of schedule.]
  3. Future plans for the playgrounds include:
    1. KS1 shelter;
    2. KS2 – installing a traversing wall and moving picnic benches. 

Website (Judith Lambert)

- 2 parents and others through e-mail attended initial meeting. Results from meeting will be fed back to Governors (Children, Families and Community Committee) 

New entrants (Helen Ingham)

Reception admissions feedback: To improve reception admissions process, school putting new process in place, changes include enrolment week, followed by home visits and open days.

School expansion (Colin Buck)

School expansion working group publishing a document for public scrutiny shortly. 

Governors agreed to school expansion after seeking a number of assurances from Southwark Council. These include Clarity on footprint of new school, and a design risk assessment. 

Time frame:

 June - Initial design briefs, 

mid-July - Final design,

 September – apply for planning permission. 

April 2015 – construction work starts

September 2016 – new site opened for pupils


Draft plans should be made available in June. 

Planned recruitment: project manager for Ivydale, looking to hire in the next few weeks. No decision made on whether KS1 or KS2  will be on Bredinghurst site.

Governors committed to engaging with parents but Working Group would like to hear from anyone with architectural/project  management for development experience. Planned recruitment of a project manager for Ivydale to look after schools interests, looking to hire in the next few weeks. No decision made on whether KS1 or KS2  will be on Breddinghurst site.

- Governors wanting to focus on strengthening school management team now.

Current area of uncertainty is whether we can use the Newlands facilities.  

Gifted and talented session

Judith Lambert gave a presentation about school provision for Gifted and Talented, followed by a Question and Answer session. Slides are on the website.  

Questions raised from Parent Feedback forms 

The Chair asked the Forum for some feedback on pressing issues that they would like to discuss. 

  • More information about Languages 
  • Would like on going school expansion updates
  • More discussion on development of new site
  • Enrichment/Music Update
  • What is the role of the learning mentors?


Mark Plummer

Chair of the Forum

[xx June 2014]