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School Clubs

Ivydale School has a wide range of extra-curricular clubs that are run by both staff and external agencies. To book your child onto a club please fill out the attached form and return it to the school office


Booking Information

  1. Clubs are limited according to the maximum number of children they can accommodate.. Clubs also require a minimum number of children “signed-up” to be viable. You will be informed if this has not been reached and the club is therefore unable to run.
  2. Select the activities selection above that you wish your child to attend. Complete the contact details and medical information below and return this sheet to the office along with any payment required. This information will be made available to all club leaders.
  3. If your child is to walk home unaccompanied from any club, we MUST have confirmation of this, preferably in writing or email to

Children MUST NOT be left unsupervised at school, whether they are waiting for a sibling or for a session to start. Please arrange adult supervision unless they are participating in an activity.



Please Note: Your child is not “booked” into a club until you have received notification from the school confirming their place.