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School Expansion

Update as of July 2017

The building is complete, the hoardings are down and work is underway on the landscaping. Handover to the school is anticipated towards the end of the month and we will be up and running as a two site school in September. Keep an eye out in the Newsletter and Expansion Progress sections of this site for the most current news and photographs.


Admissions September 2017


The published admissions number (PAN) for Ivydale in September 2017  is 120 places. Please get in touch if you are interested in a place for your child.

As with previous years, the LA has consulted on the admission arrangements 2017/18 on behalf of all community primary schools in Southwark. As Ivydale will be operating across two sites from September 2017 and based on last year’s agreed proposal, Southwark intends to incorporate the following method of measurement under the distance criterion of the oversubscription criteria:


“The distance for Ivydale School will be calculated using a straight line from each applicant’s home address to the main gates of both school sites. The shorter of the two distances will then be used.”


Further information on the process and copies of the consultation documentation can be found on the Southwark Council web site - See link below.


Increasing demand for primary school places is a national issue. In 2014 the London Borough of Southwark (LBS) proposed an increase to the  Reception Year intake from 60 pupils to 120 pupils from 2016 onwards. It further proposed an additional new school site,  located in Inverton Road to allow the school to cater for an expanded pupil roll. These web pages have been created to allow members of the local community, families and children to follow the progress of the expansion and see how pupils, teachers and families are helping us make sure Ivydale School remains very much at the heart of our local community.


Southwark Council Planning Committee met at 7pm on the 24th of March 2015 and the resulting vote gave our plans unanimous approval. We are delighted that the plans produced by Hawkins/Brown on behalf of the school and London Borough of Southwark will now become a reality. Have a look at the Expansion Gallery section to see the final approved image of the front elevation. Visit the 'Progress On Site'  pages to see how the building work is progressing.



Click on the progress page above for 'What's happening on Site' reports, information about admissions and details about how children at Ivydale are getting involved in the expansion.