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What's Happening on Site?

July 2017

July 2017 1

July 2017

We are in the final days of our journey to becoming a split site school and the hoardings are down. Teachers, children and families have been peering through the temporary fence, excitedly trying to get a glimpse of the inside. We are making them all wait for a big reveal once the official handover has taken place towards the end of the month. Children will  then visit their new classrooms and begin to discover their new routines. What a superb way to end the academic year! 

June 2017

We are now entering the end stages of the project with the final fixtures and fittings installation in progress. Mechanical plant is installed in the plant room and connected. Boilers are commissioned and heat is available.Outside the playgrounds are being constructed with fantastic play equipment being installed. We anticipate taking occupation of the building towards the end of half term and the last updates on these pages will bring you a full gallery of the school in all its completed glory. 

May 2017

As we enter the month before handover, activity on site is probably at it's highest level to date. Work on the rear boundary wall is underway and the construction of the multi-use games area has begun. The landscaping design will provide both space for ball games and quiet areas. Have a look in the gallery for the most recent site pictures.

April 2017

This month the portacabins on site will relocate within the boundary to enable work to be carried out on the externals at the front of the site as well as other parts of the playground. Inside the building boarding out is almost complete.

March 2017

The building is glazed and services have now been connected. Inside the building the infrastructure is being installed and power and data points added. 

February 2017

February brought the last phase of scaffolding removal and the building is watertight and glazed. The team have also been incredibly busy working on the interior of the building with boarding out and trunking being added for data and power. Roll on summer!

January 2017

Happy New Year and what a 'site'! The building is now fully clad with doors and windows installed. The scaffolding is coming down and every visitor has come back very impressed indeed. 2017 brings the year we finally move in and as work continues on the interiorof the building check the gallery for some of the excellent pictures we have of our fantastic new building.

December 2016

This month the scaffolding will start to come down as the building becomes watertight. Neighbours of the school will have seen the windows installed and the brickwork completed. Have a look in the Children and Expansion pages to see what our children thought during their visits.

November 2016

This month the building is clad in scaffolding as brickwork grows up the building. Inside the structure rooms are taking shape and preparation for power is underway.

October 2016

During October the view from the street shows the great progress that has been made with the brickwork. The building has stairs and scaffolding and has received its first visits from staff. Feedback has been fantastic and teachers are looking forward to finding out which classrooms will be theirs.

September 2016

At Inverton Road the start of the new term brings the first views of the brickwork to eye level from the roadside. If you look in the gallery you can see the most recent pictures show the fantastic green brickwork rising up the structure. 

In the Bellwood Building work has continued over the summer to refurbish and develop the building for our younger children as part of an on going programme. Come back to the gallery soon to see the results of the exterior works once the scaffolding is removed.

July 2016

This month not only is construction progressing at a mighty rate on Inverton Road, the Bellwood Building is receiving its own fair share of attention as our beautiful Grade II listed building receives the second phase of its window face-lift. More works are planned for over the summer to prepare the building for our younger children as we move closer to becoming a two site school.

June 2016

And we have two levels! We are now getting a good feel for the dimensions of the building as the CLT frame nears its full height. Ivydale Primary School can now say it actually has two buildings. Not only that but preparation for expansion is underway in our Bellwood Road building with more window refurbishment taking place. Ivydale is a busy place.

May 2016

This month the building leaves the ground! It is exciting to see how quickly the frame is going up. The photographs in the gallery below show just how much has been achieved in two weeks. Remember the actual designs are in the main gallery pages. Come back every week to see how much is changing.

April 2016

This month the most exciting activity on Inverton Road for Ivydale children is actually what happened outside! Children in assembly were delighted to see photographs of the winning entries from our poster competition enlarged and displayed on site. The competition asked children to design posters to  explain about safety around building sites and we think building site hoardings have never looked so good.

March 2016

As the days get longer there can be no mistake a building is going up on Inverton Road. The site itself is buzzing with activity and work on the drainage and sewers has taken up the majority of works in the past month. From the roadside it is evident now that construction is taking place and as well as pipework we are advised the foundations are also almost complete. The gallery includes some up to date pictures from behind the scenes.

February 2016

This month it has been all systems go on Inverton Road and there is no question the project is now well underway. The site is a hive of activity and now the project team have their on site porta-cabins the very first on site project meeting took place at the beginning of the month. The site is level and drainage is currently being directed. Completion is currently scheduled for May 2017.

January 2016

If you live very near Inverton Road you will know that the temporary site accommodation that will be used for the duration of the project has now been brought in. This is a two storey building and provides a good view of the site from the stairs! Hoarding is now fully erected around the site and the former site boundary sitting inside that has now been fully been demolished and removed. A 'haul road' has been completed in order for vehicles to access the site and all that has been finished with Christmas in between. We are told that next steps include the commencement of the sub structure. Have a look in the gallery to see what the site looks like behind the hoardings.

December 2015

A lot of action took place in the last week of the school term as two crossovers appeared and the speed bump outside was removed. Also removed was a partial section of the wall to allow for the delivery of the site office porta-cabins. The rest of the wall will be removed over the coming weeks. New images of the site both outside and inside the gates can be viewed  in the gallery below.

An extra November bit...

Thank you to our neighbours at Newlands for allowing the team to climb on top of the Newlands roof to take some panoramic shots. We got soaked through taking the pictures but think it was worth it. Have a look below and in the gallery to see exactly what is going on the other side of the wall in November...



November 2015

And ACTION! The 5th of November brought more than fireworks to the community as the first real signs of activity on Inverton Road could be spotted outside the gate. Members of the local community will have already been made aware via the Expansion Newsletter or the locally distributed residents letter (See link below for copy) that the pavement would be closed for a stretch along Inverton Road and the 5th of November put this into place. There are diversion signs at the top end but  please stay safe when crossing everyone. And of course come back soon to see what else is happening on site.

October 2015

Although the first part of the month brought some unplanned activity to Inverton Road we are delighted to report the site is now secured and mobilisation can begin this month. Watch out for portacabins arriving. In the meantime there have been yet more surveys and investigations. This is a well understood site!

September 2015

All seems very quiet on site and indeed there is little change. We are all waiting with baited breath for the first real signs of activity. As soon as there is something to report you will read about it here so come back to check soon.

July 2015

As we enter the summer holidays we see the site remains in a state of preparation for the next stage. Come back soon to see what happens next... 

June 2015

All is quiet on site this month as the contractors undertake much of the pre-construction preparations back at their home base. Off site meetings are taking place to put together the build programme. Check back soon to see what else is happening.

May 2015

The demolition has now been completed and all buildings and debris have been removed from the site.  From the road, there is now very little to see and any rubble remaining will be used for the ground works when the build begins. For the rest of the month, all will be quiet as the remaining site surveys are carried out before the site is prepared for the construction to begin with hoardings going up and access arrangements put in place. Keep up to date with the expansion newsletter for  more detailed news.

April 2015

Demolition has continued throughout the Easter break with the site almost levelled as we began the summer term. The images in the gallery show how the buildings were deconstructed beginning with windows before the roof was carefully removed. We know it has been possible to salvage some of the bricks used on site and look forward to seeing how they will be used in the construction. We have also taken children to the site for the first time. Check the 'Children and Expansion' pages to read about how they got on.

March 2015

If you look closely at the images in the gallery below you will see it is not only the weather that has changed. The windows are now just about all out and buildings are beginning to come down on an almost daily basis as the site is being prepared for the next phase. At school we are just about to launch another competition to recruit some 'Junior Reporters' to come on site after the Easter break and report on what is going on. It is an exciting time!

February 2015

The demolition company continue to prepare the site. Local residents will have seen boards appearing on the perimeter fence plus the creation of a temporary crossway for ease of access. The actual entrance will be further along so this one will be closed after the demolition work has been completed. Windows have also been removed and the company are working hard on salvaging useful bricks.

January 2015

Some preparatory work is needed on site to level the area prior to construction. The Erith Group is an experienced construction support company and has begun their early work at Inverton Road. Check back soon for some images of their activity or click on the link below to find out more about what they do..