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Whole school curriculum map 2016-17

Ivydale Creative Curriculum
Ivydale Primary School
Year 1
  Autumn Spring Summer
Topics Holidays and Journeys Celebrations Buildings Toys Living Things Monsters
Texts Traction Man
Little Red Hen
traditional tales
Hansel and Gretel
traditional tales
Non-fiction Where the wild things are
Monster poems
Year 2
  Autumn Spring Summer
Topic Food and farms Antarctica Who is afraid of the dark? The Great Fire of London Rainforests Castles
Texts Gigantic turnip
traditional tales
Lost and found The owl who was afraid of the dark/Owl babies/stories with familiar settings Explanation/non-fiction non-chronological reports the pea and the princess – modern fairy tales
Year 3
  Autumn Spring Summer
Topic Stone Age
Gladiator! Chocolate Explorers and Mayan civilization
Water Pirates
Texts Graphic novel Ug! Boy genius of the stone age
Non-fiction Charlie and the chocolate factory - fiction Non- fiction Non-fiction Mungo and the Pirates  by Timothy Knapman
  rocks   states of matter light plants and animals and water cycle
Year 4 
  Autumn Spring Summer
Topic Invaders- Saxons and Vikings Iron Man Ancient Wonders Zoos In the deep Out of this world!
Texts Non-fiction Iron Man
Non-fiction Zoo, Anthony Browne
Krindlekrax - fiction Non-fiction
  forces and magnets and electricity living things and habitats animals sound
Year 5
  Autumn Spring Summer
Topic Greeks War and Peace Natural disasters and climate change
Rivers and deserts Tudors Carnival
Texts Mythology Non-fiction and newspaper reports Non-fiction Holes
Fiction adventure stories
Classic plays
Benjamin Zephaniah Poems
  earth and space   properties and changes of materials living things and their habitats
Year 6
  Autumn Spring Summer
Topic Fairgrounds Crime and Punishment Victorian Southwark Sporting Summer Independent study
Texts Leon & the Place Between
The Island
Oliver Twist
Tall Story
  light and electricity living things and their habitats animals including humans
evolution and inheritance